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 V3.230 Searching by Time....

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V3.230 Searching by Time.... Empty
PostSubject: V3.230 Searching by Time....   V3.230 Searching by Time.... Icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 1:16 pm

Because of the use of the 'contains' search as opposed to the 'starts with' search when searching for a duration the results returned may not be intended.

As an example....searching for something around 90 minutes (90-99) you could enter a 9. However this returns any duration containing a 9 at any digit position. 109, 69, along with all the 90's....

66 returns 66, 166 & 266.....

Is it possible for the search characteristics to be changed on the fly from 'contains' to 'starts with' for those searches that it would be more intuitive to do so?

Another would be search by Rating.....searching for 9 returns all the 9's plus anything ending in .9

The Year also I think may need to be starts with as well although it's not as prone to having multiple hits due to movies not being created over a century as of yet.... ie. 1930 - 2030

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V3.230 Searching by Time....
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