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 Media Companion gen2 3.293

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PostSubject: Media Companion gen2 3.293   Media Companion gen2 3.293 Icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 10:19 pm

Running the missing episode checker with 'TV Shows' 'Search for Missing Episodes' it does not complete this operation as expected.
It`s as if something randomly interrupts the missing checker.
Using the TV Show Context Menu to scan only one shows missing episodes after using above I get this error
"This operation has already had OperationCompleted called on it and further calls are illegal"
Also while doing a missing episode search and clicking on 'Missing Episodes' Radio button
i get this error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

However if I delete the content in \Media Companion gen2 3.293\Settings and Check each individual show using the Context Menu for missing episodes it find everything nicely, just a slow process, which defeats the check all missing...

Upon first startup (after deleting old version & extracting new) Screen Layout still not right, although once changed it stays.

It`s also still only scraping Season actors but no Show actors (okay deleted & rescraped all my tvshow nfo`s and this came right)

I also discovered that once all the shows are scraped including the missing info then one can open 'moviecache.xml' & 'tvcache.xml'
in Microsoft Excel 2007 (and save as a xls/xlsx file) and have a complete tvshows&missing list (very big/full/messy list) and movies list (actually very usable once you chop some columns etc.).
I actually use Open Office 3.2.0 but sadly it does not open .xml in table form as with M$ office. (okay sometimes i`m a bit slow, "output movie list as html" has been right under my eyes, for how long Media Companion gen2 3.293 Icon_silent) (now i`ll just have to wait in anticipation for the TV show section expansion Media Companion gen2 3.293 Icon_bounce ) Still think it would be nice to make custom list like the display columns on 'Movies table', and save it as a mht (1 file) instead of an html (html with images folder = multiple files)
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Media Companion gen2 3.293
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