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 Save to xml instead of separate nfo files

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Save to xml instead of separate nfo files Empty
PostSubject: Save to xml instead of separate nfo files   Save to xml instead of separate nfo files Icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 10:04 am

This program is really handy, but I cannot use it on some of my read-only shares for obvious reasons.

I would really like the option to write the contents of what would be individual nfo files scattered about into one large xml file that I can save anywhere. XBMC does this when you choose export library as single file. I am looking for exactly the same functionality as that. Note that XBMC keeps the path to each movie in the xml file it outputs which is very important. Bonus points if the fanart and poster art could also be downloaded to a single folder with a path to each piece of art linked to the appropriate movie in the xml file.

The reason why this would be really amazing for me is so that I can use Media Companion as a scraper for a web app frontend that I have developed which allows me to browse and search through my media collection and friends media collections over the network.
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Save to xml instead of separate nfo files
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