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 Movie (not TV show) with 14 parts

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PostSubject: Movie (not TV show) with 14 parts   Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:00 am

[I posted this by mistake on the Announcements board; I already erased it from there. Sorry about that.]

I have a movie, Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases. Mind you, this is a movie, not a TV show; it is a collection of 14 shorts, starting with one called Mucho Mouse.

I tried adding it as a TV show; since TVDB has no information about it (although IMDB does), I could not do it. So I decided to add it as a movie; each of the 14 shorts is in a separate MKV file, called TJ.partXX.mkv, with XX going from 01 to 14. However, to my surprise, Media Companion did not like having more than one digit for the part number; it recognizes every single short as a separate movie. I can use TJ.partX.mkv (one digit only) for the first nine shorts, and it works fine, but I am unable to add the remaining five parts. How can I do this?

Alternatively, how do I add a TV show which is not in TVDB but it is in IMDB?

Thanks and regards.
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PostSubject: Re: Movie (not TV show) with 14 parts   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:04 pm

If IMDB has them as movies, scrape all of them as seperate movies.
Then in MC click "Movie Sets" and add "Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases" as one.
Then add them all to that set in MC, and in XBMC they'll show up as one entry in Movies.
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Movie (not TV show) with 14 parts
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