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 [SOLVED] - When Scrapping Movies / Tv can I add my own tags? (genres)

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PostSubject: [SOLVED] - When Scrapping Movies / Tv can I add my own tags? (genres)   Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:40 am

Hey there...

I really hate IMDB's and TVDB auto organising of genre.... like one film might be in say 5 different genres..... It always bugged me about Xbox1 scrapping... Like you go to film comedy and see a butt load of films that have no business there at all...

Is it possible to just add and adjust my own tags? To make it more simple and more in tune to my own organisation skills.. So everything is in a single section.. like say a virtual video store (hope people here are old enough to know what video stores are!!). I would also like to add a custom tag 720p or 1080p so you can sort the films by HD types...

is that possible in MC and if so how? (for TV and Films)

Thanks again for you help in advance

<-- EDIT
Yes you can... just type in w/e in teh genre section in MC and a new entry will be in the genre section of XBMC library.. nothign fancy needs to be done
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[SOLVED] - When Scrapping Movies / Tv can I add my own tags? (genres)
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