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 Application Sugestion - epNamer

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PostSubject: Application Sugestion - epNamer   Application Sugestion - epNamer Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 11:39 am

He guys

Media Companion rules!!! Though how could it rule more??!!! With a episode renamer for TV collections.... . . Wana take some of teh pressure off the Dev Gods? Stop hassling them to add a feature ot MC.. just try out this app....

Seriously though it is an awesome app and I used it to get all 5TB of my TVshows into XBMC and looking sweet. It pulls data from thetvdb just like MC and therefore names the shows and specials EXACTLY how MC likes them for easy and zero problem a scrapping. You can also set your own options on the naming to keep your release tags so when it comes to upgrading your vids you do not download the same release, or if you need to share it with others for some reason. ALSO it will allow you to have the vids all neat and readable for file access if you do not wish to use the library function.

Anyway... I just thought I would recommend it as this forum has been so awesome to me and I love MC and I know no other way to help....
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PostSubject: Re: Application Sugestion - epNamer   Application Sugestion - epNamer Icon_minitimeFri Dec 10, 2010 2:42 am

Jyujinkai, great news!

Only one issue, MC does rename TV episodes already & does a great job....

Cheers Very Happy
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Application Sugestion - epNamer
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