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 Groom Suits

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PostSubject: Groom Suits   Mon May 30, 2011 6:40 am

I asked for a cheaper price if i paid cash upfront and off the AU $1695 she offered a 5% discount?! The brand of dress isnt found in many places thats why i think they dont hand out discounts!
I work in an electrical retail shop and im constantly getting screwed to the bone by bargain hunting shoppers..but dont feel right doing it myself!
If i know the dress i want any suggestionss on how to find it cheaper?
any good online sites maybe?or ways to get around sales people?
there must be heaps of profit in the dresses cos you often see clearance gowns HUGELY reduced much as 75% off,Groom Suits!
What about looking for the same dress, on the internet? Or generally searching for the same dress getting a price and then telling them you HAVE found it cheaper else where..
I found the dress on different sites, not sure if it will be much cheaper or not, but its worth a look!
Wedding faires are a good place to go as they normally greatly reduce prices on the dresses that were modeled/tried on throughout the event. You can also wait for an end of season sale, approx every 6 months.
I would go to more than one bridal gown shop. If you shop around you will find a better deal. That is when you haggle. it's like buying a have to know how much cheaper you can get it somewhere else.Be informed. By the way the dress is beautiful and you will look so lovely on your wedding day.Good Luck.
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Groom Suits
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