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 He oversaw a period

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He oversaw a period Empty
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William Bryant retired as headmaster in 1908 and was replaced by John Evans, appointed in preference to the 217 other applicants for the post.[14] Previously headmaster of Ashford Grammar School,[14] Evans took up his new position at the conclusion of the autumn term. He oversaw a period of change and modernisation, including the transition from gas to electric lighting, and the introduction of a house system in 1909.[15][16] Soon after the outbreak of the First World War the school was requisitioned by the War Office to house two brigades, from Folkestone and Aldershot.[17] In 1917, the school Cadet Corps was established, which within one month consisted of 120 students.[18] The following year, and according to Taylor (1988) "much to the Headmaster's distaste",[19] the first female teachers were appointed after the deaths of several male members of staff.[19]
[edit] Inter-war years: 1919–1939

In June 1919, soon after the passage of Education Act 1918, the school successfully applied for grant-earning status and became partly state-funded. As a consequence, it became necessary to introduce a composite governing board (including public representatives) and to offer free places, equal to 25 percent of the normal number of admissions.[20] In 1925, the school saw its first students enter the Oxbridge universities and changed its name to simply The Judd School.[21] Evans retired in 1928 and was replaced by Welshman Cecil Lloyd Morgan who beat 164 other applicants to a job which carried an annual salary of £650.[22][23] He oversaw a change in the curriculum such that each form was divided into two streams, of which one took Latin, the other more vocational subjects.[24] Morgan continued as many of the Judd customs as long as he could, including the tradition of donating £20 per year to send a Barnardo boy to Australia or Canada.[25]

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He oversaw a period
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