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 Lambert shared his interests

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PostSubject: Lambert shared his interests    Lambert shared his interests  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 11:16 am

Despite his shyness, Lambert badly needed to earn money, and saw no alternative to putting himself on display, and charging his spectators.[20] On 4 April 1806, he boarded a specially built carriage and travelled from Leicester[26] to his new home at 53 Piccadilly, then near the western edge of London.[20] For five hours each day, he welcomed visitors into his home, charging each a shilling (about £3.20 as of 2011).[18][25]

Lambert shared his interests and knowledge of sports, dogs and animal husbandry with London's middle and upper classes,[27] and it soon became highly fashionable to visit him, or become his friend.[27] Many called repeatedly; one banker made 20 visits, paying the admission fee on each occasion.[17] During this period of English history no real stigma was attached to obesity, and Lambert was generally considered a wonder to be marvelled at, rather than a freak to be gawped or sneered at.[27] His business venture was immediately successful, drawing around 400 paying visitors per day.[28] His home was described as having the air of a fashionable resort, rather than that of an exhibition, and he was pleased to find that his customers generally treated him with courtesy, and not simply as a spectacle.[29] He insisted on maintaining amongst his visitors an atmosphere of civility and all men entering his rooms were obliged to remove their hats.[27] One visitor refused to remove his "even if the King were present" but Lambert replied that "Then by G——, Sir, you must instantly quit this room, as I do not consider it a mark of respect due to myself, but to the ladies and gentlemen who honor me with their company."[30]

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Lambert shared his interests
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