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 Need help with Movie directory sorting and duplicates

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PostSubject: Need help with Movie directory sorting and duplicates   Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:34 am

I've had a search on this forum and while Media Companion is an excellent tool, it is not quite doing what I need. I accept this and I'm looking for soemthing that can if anyone knows of it I feel here is probably a good place to start.

I have a movie library that is old and a mix of organised and very disorganised. The Basic structure is as follows:

--\Movie Title\
--\Other Movie Title\
---Other Movie Title.nfo
--\Third Movie Title\
---Third Movie Title.mkv
---Third Movie Title.nfo
--\Movie Title (year)\
---Movie Title.avi
---Movie Title.nfo
So the Sorted directory is pretty much perfect, the issue is everywhere else. The genre directories are neat, but useless these days also the file names are ugly, sometimes there's no movie at all and often their several. Meanwhile unsorted is a lucky dip sometimes it's utterly perfect othertimes it can be completely useless.
What I'm after is a tool (or a number of tools) that will let me reorganise my folder structure to look like:
-\Movie Title (year)\
--Movie Title.mkv
And also another tool (or even better the same as before) that will find my duplicate copies of the same movies and either automatically delete the one of lower quality or let me pick; giving me info like Resolution, running time, file type and codecs used.
Does anyone know where I'd find a program or something to help me in this endeavour?

Thank you.
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Need help with Movie directory sorting and duplicates
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