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 the dozen years following the disaster

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the dozen years following the disaster Empty
PostSubject: the dozen years following the disaster   the dozen years following the disaster Icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2011 1:54 pm

The response to Scott's final plea on behalf of the dependents of the dead was enormous by the standards of the day. The Mansion House Scott Memorial Fund closed at £75,000 (2009 approximation £5.5 million). This was not equally distributed; Scott's widow, son, mother and sisters received a total of £18,000 (£1.3 million). Wilson's widow got £8,500 (£600,000) and Bowers's mother £4,500 (£330,000). Edgar Evans's widow, children and mother received £1,500 (£109,000) between them.[92][93]

In the dozen years following the disaster, more than 30 monuments and memorials were set up in Britain alone. These ranged from simple relics (Scott's sledging flag in Exeter Cathedral) to the foundation of the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge. Many more were established in other parts of the world, including a statue crafted by his widow for his New Zealand base in Christchurch.[94][95] In 1948 his final expedition was the subject of a film, Scott of the Antarctic, where he was played by John Mills as a classic "stiff upper lip" British hero. The US scientific base at the South Pole, founded in 1957, is called the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, to honour the memories of both polar conquerors.

Decades of storms and snow have covered the cairn and tent, which are now encased in the Ross Ice Shelf as it inches towards the Ross Sea. In 2001 glaciologist Charles Bentley estimated that the tent with the bodies was under about 75 feet (23 m) of ice and about 30 miles (48 km) from the point where they died; he speculated that in about 275 years the bodies would reach the Ross Sea, and perhaps float away inside an iceberg.[96]

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the dozen years following the disaster
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