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 New gen 3.400 won't find my movies but earlier versions could?

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PostSubject: New gen 3.400 won't find my movies but earlier versions could?   Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:42 pm

Hi guys,

I have a major problem. I downloaded gen 2.51 and ran the program at first it showed the error no movies found so i moved one of the movie files outside of its folder into the root folder. Then it proceeded normally and did all the movies, but only with the bare minimum information

I later found out that this was because IMDB changed their site around and there was an updated dll file for it. So I installed this new version 3.400 but no matter what i did it would not recognise any movies i had. My file naming convention is like this C:\my documents\movies\inception\inception.avi

Also I unzipped them both times straight into the my documents folder... i don't know if changing the location would help?

I have also tried to revert to my old 2.51 and used the imbd dll from gen 3.400 and even the fixed imbd scraper zip but each time it says i am using an OUTDATED dll???

Please someone help me, I have researched for hours and i now want to kill myself!!
Sad Sad
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New gen 3.400 won't find my movies but earlier versions could?
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