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 Emerson ground the blades

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Emerson ground the blades  Empty
PostSubject: Emerson ground the blades    Emerson ground the blades  Icon_minitimeThu Jun 23, 2011 4:22 pm

As a direct result of watching his fellow martial artists train with a fixed-blade fighting knife in class, yet carry some type of a folding knife when they left the training area, Emerson decided there was a need for a sturdy folding knife designed primarily for combat.[15] Although Emerson had always maintained that the knives he made were built as fighting knives first and foremost,[18] in October 1988 he stripped down five of these designs to simpler materials.[8] He continued his use of linen or canvas micarta because of its high tensile strength and superior gripping surface when wet; he decided on black or dark grey for the color instead of the brighter colors used previously.[14] He retained the titanium for the liners and bolsters but chose to bead-blast them a flat grey matte color as opposed to the colorful anodizing which used to appear on his knives.[14] The reasons for using titanium were its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.[21]

Emerson ground the blades of these knives from ATS-34 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 57–59 and made them thicker toward the tip, creating a stronger-tipped blade than he had made previously.[15] He bead-blasted the blades as he did the liners and bolsters instead of rubbing or polishing them, giving them a matte finish as opposed to the mirror-polished finish common on his earlier knives.[8][22] Emerson designed each one of these knives for a specific purpose. The slender Viper 1 and smaller Viper 2 were designed for use as a police officer's backup weapon.[14] The Viper 5 was designed to be used by naval boat crews, as the handle was contoured with a rear brake so as to not slip from the user's hand when wet.[14]
Viper Knives logo

Emerson's goal for this Viper line was to produce a working knife which would be more resistant to the elements and more durable than the "art knives" for which he had become known.[14][15] These knives were created to satisfy the demand for a practical field-grade combat knife which could be carried discreetly and accessed quickly.[23] He sold these five models under the name "Viper Knives" and changed the logo on the blades to read the same.[23]f Emerson makes these models to this day on a custom basis under the names MV1–5, "MV" standing for "Model Viper".[8][22]

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Emerson ground the blades
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