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 the first folding knife

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Other models followed in the Specwar line bearing the CQC Series moniker, including the CQC7 which is another chisel-ground tantō-bladed folder similar to the CQC6 but with a saber-type handle shape.[17][29][30] The CQC8 ("Banana Knife") was a folder inspired by Bob Taylor's Warrior Knife and William F. Moran's ST-9 is used by British SAS troops.[28][31][32] The knife has the distinction of being the first folding knife that was designed to be ergonomically correct in both forward and reverse grip.[23] Its users refer to it as "the finest fighting knife ever developed".[32] The CQC9 ("Eagle Knife") is a reverse-curved hawkbill blade developed as a backup weapon for an American law enforcement agency; it also has an opening hole in the blade licensed from knife manufacturer Spyderco.[23][24][33] Although Emerson has standard models for these custom knives which progress in order to CQC16, each one is made individually by hand.[8][15][24]
[edit] Popularizing the tactical knife

While not the first knifemaker to build what is known as a tactical folding knife, Emerson was one of several makers who popularized the concept of the handmade tactical folder in the 1990s.[2][27][34][35] Emerson's knives also began appearing in the Rogue Warrior series of novels written by the founder of the US Navy's SEAL Team Six, Richard Marcinko, which helped fuel interest among collectors.[7]

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the first folding knife
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