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 The island of Hispaniola

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The island of Hispaniola Empty
PostSubject: The island of Hispaniola   The island of Hispaniola Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 3:21 pm

Northeastern Mexico, including Veracruz and Tamaulipas, was struck repeatedly. Hurricane Emily struck Tamaulipas directly, causing severe damage. Tropical Storms Bret, Gert, and Jose also made landfall in the area but caused minimal damage, although they did cause 12 deaths.[22]

Southern Mexico, along with portions of Central America, suffered heavy flooding and mudslides from Hurricane Stan and nearby nontropical rains. Over 1,600 people were confirmed dead in total, with some towns completely wiped out, though most of these deaths were not directly related to the hurricane. Central America also suffered flooding from Tropical Storm Gamma and Hurricane Wilma, and Nicaragua was struck directly by Hurricane Beta. No damage figures are available for any of these storms.
Flooding in Carolina Beach, North Carolina after Hurricane Ophelia in September 2005

The island of Hispaniola escaped the worst storms; however, at least 89 people were killed in Haiti from the effects of Hurricanes Dennis and Wilma and Tropical Storm Alpha. The Leeward Islands were generally spared all the storms, although Dennis and (especially) Emily caused significant damage in the Windward Islands.

Cuba was struck by Hurricane Dennis at peak strength, causing $1.4 billion in damages; it was the worst hurricane to hit Cuba in over 40 years. Some areas of Cuba also suffered heavy damage from Hurricanes Rita and Wilma.[14]

Unusual impacts were felt in Europe and nearby islands from four storms. Hurricane Maria intensified and affected northern Europe as a vicious extratropical storm, while Hurricane Vince maintained tropical characteristics onto the Iberian Peninsula as a weak tropical depression. Tropical Storm Delta struck the Canary Islands just after becoming extratropical, causing extensive damages before reaching Morocco as a weak extratropical system. In addition, the Azores were affected by the unnamed subtropical storm at its peak strength. Ten people were killed by those storms, and significant damage was reported as a result of Maria and Delta, although no figures are available.

No major land effects were felt as a result of Franklin, Harvey, Irene, Tropical Depression 10, Lee, Nate, Philippe, Tropical Depression 19, Epsilon, or Zeta.

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The island of Hispaniola
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