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 Charles Buchan's Football

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Doctors had an artificial kidney rushed to the hospital for him the following day, but the artificial organ reduced his blood's ability to clot and he began to bleed internally.[51] Despite this it is said that he asked assistant manager Jimmy Murphy "What time is the kick off against Wolves, Jimmy? I mustn't miss that match".[52] By 14 February, his condition was reported to have "dramatically improved".[53]However, five days later it was reported that he was "sinking rapidly".[54] Doctors were "amazed" at his fight for life,[51][49][55] but after a long struggle he died of kidney failure on 21 February 1958.[49] Hours before his death, by coincidence, a new issue of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly was published in the United Kingdom, with a photograph of a smiling Edwards on the cover.[56]

Edwards was buried at Dudley Cemetery five days later,[57] alongside his sister Carol Anne.[58] More than 5,000 people lined the streets of Dudley for his funeral.[59] His tombstone reads: "A day of memory, Sad to recall, Without farewell, He left us all",[60] and his grave is regularly visited by fans.[61]

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Charles Buchan's Football
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