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 English cricketer Johnny

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ou get me caught-and-bowled whenever you like but I'll pick that slow one sooner or later."[9] He preferred English pitches, saying he hardly saw one on which he could not get some turn and the temperate weather allowed him to bowl all day.[9] In Australia, Trumble had to work harder for his wickets on firmer pitches, relying on his change of pace and consistent accuracy; he claimed he could land the ball on a saucer 17 metres (19 yd) away five times out of six.[9] Johnnie Moyes named him as an "immortal of the art" who succeeded by "attacking the batsman's strength".[59] W. G. Grace called him "the best bowler Australia has sent us".[1] While Trumble was able to score 1,183 runs during the 1899 tour of England, the demands of bowling did not allow him to consistently score heavily.[9] His long, prehensile fingers helped him make a reputation as a fine slips fieldsman and he was the first to take 20 catches in an Australian season.[9] English cricketer Johnny Douglas said, "Trumble should not be allowed on the cricket field—his natural place would be up trees in the bush."[9] He practised slip fielding by catching a tennis ball thrown against a brick wall; he believed this practise trained him not to "snatch" at the ball but allow it to fall into his safe hands.[6]

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English cricketer Johnny
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