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 Better tv lookup or picking by genre year rating etc

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PostSubject: Better tv lookup or picking by genre year rating etc   Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:59 pm

I have been using this off and on for few years. I am not sure how everyone else uses it but as i keep adding drives and moving them. I never keep any data in it. every time I use it I have to delete all the folders and then set them to the drive I am working on. This is lots easier now that it was before the paths were fixed for TV shows.

Here Is my dilemma. >> while filling drives I run low on space on one and need to determine which folders to move or delete.

When getting hundreds of folders on a drive you tend to forget what they all were. When it comes time to move or delete it would be handy to be able to sort out the trash shows.

This is a an idea but may not be practical. It is some rename apps tend to mess up and name shows incorrectly. If there was a way to highlight any episode that appears to be really different for a quick visual check. ex: the length or encoding is different than the rest in a folder.

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Better tv lookup or picking by genre year rating etc
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