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 The Rawat family stayed

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PostSubject: The Rawat family stayed   Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:13 am

The premies were smiling and radiant, a state they called "blissed out".[66] One reporter said that to "look at a blissed-out premie is to peer into an empty house through spotless windows".[3] The phrase "blissed out" was used in many reports of the festival, even in their titles, which are cited by the Oxford English Dictionary for the phrase's first uses.[67]

The Rawat family stayed in the Astrodome's six-bedroom, $2,500 Celestial Suite.[68] Rennie Davis commented on the cosmic appropriateness of the names of the suite and of the master bedroom, and of the faucets shaped like swans (the guru's symbol).[69] Davis said that the Astrodome was built for the festival,[63] a sentiment which an Astrodome manager said was shared by every religious group that held an event there

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The Rawat family stayed
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