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 I must be doing something wrong

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PostSubject: I must be doing something wrong   Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:01 pm

I am running Media Companion on Windows XP SP3 and for some reason, I don't get the movie thumbnail from IMDB. I have gone to IMDB and looked up the movie manually and I see that there is one, but media companion doesn't pick it up and if I go to Get Thumbs, it returns a message saying Unable to Retrieve. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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PostSubject: Re: I must be doing something wrong   Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:33 am

Sometimes the actual web site may be experiencing issues so often trying again later reolves the issue. The way that the images are returned to Media Companion is different to the way that the web page retrieves the images so at times one may be working & the other may not be.

Another option is to try a different movie & see if that works...

If you are still having trouble perhaps loading a fresh copy of Media Companion into a new directory, adding that movie & trying again incase something is not right with the configuration some how...

And lastly, try Media companion on another machine, or better still on a machine using a different internet connection.

Let us know how it goes...

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I must be doing something wrong
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