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 Import Folder.jpg if they exist.

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Import Folder.jpg if they exist. Empty
PostSubject: Import Folder.jpg if they exist.   Import Folder.jpg if they exist. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 7:28 am

Fantastic helper for XBMC for sure! I firmly believe that the importing should be handled in a stand alone dedicated app like this one.

Many cataloging programs out there create a Folder.jpg, (DVD Profiler and MyMovies come to mind) as does Media Companion. I do not however see an option to use it, if it already exists. In the case of My Movies, it creates a Hi-Res cover art named "mymovies-front.jpg", as well as the lower resolution Folder.jpg. I have a Folder.jpg in all 2,300 of my movie folders. So as far as getting an image, it could be an option in the program, or use the mymovies-front.jpg, and if not available, use the Folder.jpg This would save a LOT of time scraping, and getting some random cover, that I have to go back and point to the one I want to use anyways.

DVD Profiler and MyMovies have been around a LONG time, and just about anyone that has a MediaPC uses one or the other. As more people switch to XBMC, the more the need will arise to make it easy to switch. I have spent all of 4 days importing and correcting all sorts of art, movie titles, and such, that were 100% correct and working in MyMovies. I switched from MyMovies, as XP MCE with the MyMovies is VERY slow with large movie collections. That and the fact it looks like it was designed by someone in the 60's on acid! (Come on Red Green and Blue!?!)

Thus, as mentioned by someone else, it would also be nice to use the existing MyMovies.xml file from each movies folder. All of the info that is needed my XBMC is in there already. Both DVD Profiler and XBMC have options to save out the database as an XML file. A way to load that XML, and then save it out as the individual NFO's would be perfect Wink
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Import Folder.jpg if they exist.
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