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 Movie Fanart problem and request

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PostSubject: Movie Fanart problem and request   Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:01 pm

In a nut shell I scan in all my movies. It picks up a few movies incorrectly, so I correct the search and all is well except for the fanart. If the movie with the correct name has no fanart, you can't select no fanart. Instead the fanart from the incorrect scan gets stuck in its place. Its not a big issue as I just delete the incorrect fanart from the movie directory for that movie to correct it, but it would be nice to correct it while I am correcting the incorrect scan as well. I would also like to be able to scan IMDB for fanart as well instead of just I have seen a few instances were IMDB has fanart even though does not.

All and all great work on this application so far. You programs has saves me hours of work. Now if somebody could right a that didn't take several hours to convert a DVD to avi/mpg or so on I would be set.

Also looking forward to the addition of the music features. afro
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Movie Fanart problem and request
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