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 index was outside the bounds of the array

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index was outside the bounds of the array Empty
PostSubject: index was outside the bounds of the array   index was outside the bounds of the array Icon_minitimeMon Feb 23, 2009 9:02 am

2.135 2.141

when trying to clean up duplicate dirs on 2 drives of tv upon delete of one of these from the drive then open preferences and remove that dir from the list. If the update tv show information button was pressed then it would generate a index out of bounds error and necessitated taskmaster to terminate it.

The add dir for tv seems wrong also when adding a dir of shows it will then create a record for each show instead of a dir record.

structure used:

media/tv show/myshow/myshow.avi

attempted tried to start at media but it kept wanting to use "tv show" as a show to look up therfore had to use "tv show as the top.

after cleaning up duplicate names on 3 directories i came back but there is no way to easly remove all the records and add the corrected dirs again.

I ended up haveing to delete the data file that it creates and reentering all my settings after every change.

When adding a dir of folders if the folder name had a quote ' in it it would abort and not bring in the rest of the folders in that dir

It seemed to have problems with folders that had a period "." between each word in the folder name.

Some note I came across said (take out the * in the SQL and gave it a specific field to pull) this may fix the index out of bounds array problem.
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index was outside the bounds of the array
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