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 tvshow.nfo for non-existing folder

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tvshow.nfo for non-existing folder Empty
PostSubject: tvshow.nfo for non-existing folder   tvshow.nfo for non-existing folder Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 4:17 pm


First off, great software, thanks for all the work you already did to it! cheers

I have a little 'problem/annoyance', don't know if you can call it a bug.

I scrape my tvshows locally on my laptop, and after that, move them to my server.
So sometimes, the folders defined in MC are no longer there on my laptop.
When I then go into the setup-screen to change something, and press the Save-button, MC asks me to scrape the tv-shows for which the folders aren't there anymore, because it can't find the tvshow.nfo's.

Am I just being difficult, or can something be done about this? Very Happy

I just noticed I wasn't using the latest version of MC. Neutral
The new version shouldn't have this behaviour if I understood correctly.

Never mind this topic then. Laughing
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tvshow.nfo for non-existing folder
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