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 Menus, Tabs and Subtabs

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Menus, Tabs and Subtabs Empty
PostSubject: Menus, Tabs and Subtabs   Menus, Tabs and Subtabs Icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 2:16 pm

UI Issues

Menus, Tabs, Subtabs and buttons

There is a confusion of display types for practically each tab and sub tab.
To witness click in turn Movies, and TV shows and click the Main Browser tab on each, then General preferences. Go back to the Movies tab, then switch between all three and look at the pages.

The Movies tab, TV Shows tab, and General preferences tab all show different styles within the page and tabbing.
Movies|Main Browser has a 3d sunken overall look at the tab level, and all the subtabs are within the page. ie. line separation between movies and main browser.

TV Show| Main browser appears at the same level as the Movies tab, ie no line separation between movies and Main Browser.

and general prefs has a tab type all of it's own.

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Menus, Tabs and Subtabs
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