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 All Season tbn files are the same

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All Season tbn files are the same Empty
PostSubject: All Season tbn files are the same   All Season tbn files are the same Icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 5:04 am

Hello, I'm having a really strange problem with my season tbn files in my TV show collection. I'm hoping that I just have an incorrect option checked somewhere, but I've tried a couple things and I still cant get it to work. Here's my info:

Media Companion version 3.317
All my media is sorted in the following format:
TV/SHOW NAME/ (contains fan art, main nfo, folder jpg)
TV/SHOW NAME/Season 01 (contains shows in 'SHOWNAME-SXXEXX-EPISODE TITLE' format)

Media Companion scrapes the collection beautifully. However, most (but not all, which is strange) shows end up with tbn files from 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'. A couple of my shows came out perfect; the season tbn files came out correctly, but in most cases, the season tbn files contain the art for Always Sunny.

The first show in my collection to be afflicted with this issue is 12 oz mouse, so I deleted the show's nfo, art and all of the files in the season folders (except for the AVIs, of course!). I re-scrape the show, ensuring that I lookup and select the proper show from the TVDB. Everything comes out perfect, but no season tbns show up. If I keep trying, sometimes they do show up, but then they are for always sunny again...

I'm kind of going crazy because I feel like I've figured out media companion's GUI pretty well, but I'm stumped here. Am I overlooking something simple, or could this possibly be a bug or a problem with the TVDB?

Anyway, is there an easy way to update only the season tbn files through media companion?


So, I did the above procedure for True Blood, where I deleted everything, but the AVIs. Then I manually renamed the episodes by hand, then re-scrapped. This time everything works, including the season tbns. When I look at teh other shows which are afflicted by this issue, the episode names look good... I don't know, just wanted to mention this, just in case it clues somebody in to what I'm doing wrong.
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All Season tbn files are the same
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