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 3.400 crashes after loading 280 TV Series folders

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3.400 crashes after loading 280 TV Series folders Empty
PostSubject: 3.400 crashes after loading 280 TV Series folders   3.400 crashes after loading 280 TV Series folders Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 3:49 am

I am having a problem loading about 250 TV Series folders into Media Companion V 3.400

You should be able to reproduce the problem with the steps below;

From a DOS window;

MD TVBugchk
CD TVBugchk

Using notepad, create T:\TVBugchk\tvshow.nfo containing;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><tvshow><title>Bug Test</title></tvshow>

Generate 500 folders, and copy tvshow.nfo to each folder;

T:\TVBugchk>for /L %a in (1,1,500) do xcopy tvshow.nfo %a\*.*

Then in MC, add T:\TVBugchk to list of root folders, click "Main Browser" then click "Check Roots For New TV Shows" from the "TV Shows" drop down menu.

It will crash after loading 310 folders. (I know where it crashes because I ran Process Monitor, capturing File IO. My actual TV Series folder crashes after about 247 folders. Presumably it has something do to with the combined lengths of the folder names.)

Thanks for a terrific program!


(P.S. Since I am asking for support, I thought it was only fair to send a donation. You should have received my $32.00 earlier today Smile)

Edit: I am running Windows XP Pro SP3, 4GB RAM, AMD Phenom II X6, and T:\ is a Solid State Disk Drive. .NET v2.0.50727 and XP updates are current.
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3.400 crashes after loading 280 TV Series folders
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