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 3.400 - 'Specials' Not Scraping <displayseason> & <displayepisode> tags

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3.400 - 'Specials' Not Scraping <displayseason>  & <displayepisode> tags Empty
PostSubject: 3.400 - 'Specials' Not Scraping <displayseason> & <displayepisode> tags   3.400 - 'Specials' Not Scraping <displayseason>  & <displayepisode> tags Icon_minitimeWed Nov 10, 2010 5:13 pm

Not a biggy as you can edit them manually. When I scrape a TV Show it doesn't scrape the <displayseason>
& <displayepisode> tags. This results in the 'Specials' not being placed correctly in XBMC. They just appear in the 'Specials' in numbered order.

e.g. When I scraped 'The Thick Of It' which has 3 Seasons and the 3 Specials (which where aired after Season 2), it does the following:

<title>Rise of the Nutters</title>

when it should be doing this:

<title>Rise of the Nutters</title>
<displayseason>2</displayseason> ***Season 2 has 3 episodes so this tells the 'Special' to display after that.

It should look like this for Season 2 in XBMC:

01. Episode 1
02. Episode 2
03. Episode 3
S01. Rise of the Nutters
S02. Spinners and Losers
S03. Opposition Extra

If you don't enter the '<displayseason> & <displayepisode> tags the 3 Specials just appear in 'Specials' in XBMC.

It's more of a problem when 'Specials' appear in the middle of a season like 'FlashForward'. If you don't enter the '<displayseason>
& <displayepisode> tags the Specials appear before episode 1 in XBMC when they should appear before Episode 10 and Episode 11.

I hope that made sense.
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3.400 - 'Specials' Not Scraping <displayseason> & <displayepisode> tags
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