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 Hindman's position was well selected

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Hindman's position was well selected Empty
PostSubject: Hindman's position was well selected   Hindman's position was well selected Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 10:42 am

Hindman's edicts, however, raised the ire of the local citizenry and they, and Hindman's political enemies, demanded that the Confederate leaders in Richmond replace him. By August 1862, the authorities in Richmond decided to replace him with the well-meaning but incompetent Theophilus H. Holmes.[63] Hindman convinced Holmes to give him a field command in northern Arkansas and he proceeded with a plan to drive out the invader.[64] Hindman aggressively moved into northwest Arkansas and managed to intercept the Federal army while it was divided into two parts. At this moment, however, Hindman's normally aggressive style gave way to uncharacteristic doubt. Rather than attack the divided pieces of the Federal army, Hindman entrenched himself at Prairie Grove, Arkansas, allowing the Federal forces to recombine and assault him.[65]

Hindman's position was well selected, but the better equipped and supplied Federal forces wore down the Confederate forces and Hindman was forced to withdraw back towards Little Rock, having missed his chance to destroy the Federal army. After the stalemate at Prairie Grove, Hindman was transferred back across the river and participated in the Battle of Chickamauga alongside his friend Pat Cleburne.[66] After being wounded in the neck at Chickamauga,[67] Hindman and his legion continued to fight along with the Army of Tennessee against General William Tecumseh Sherman in the Atlanta Campaign, across north Georgia from the First Battle of Dalton to the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, just outside Marietta, Georgia. On July 4, 1864, at Kennesaw Mountain he was struck in the eye by a tree limb and fell off his horse. Hindman suffered severe injuries that left him unfit for service on the battlefield. He went to Atlanta and later Macon, Georgia to recuperate from his injuries.[68] Afterwards, Hindman hoped that he would be able to fight after a full recovery. He applied for a transfer to the Trans-Mississippi Department. His request was denied by the Confederate War Department, but Jefferson Davis offered Hindman a leave of absence until he had fully recovered from his "physical disability".[69] After his leave of absence was approved in August, Hindman set out for Texas. During their journey, Hindman's second daughter, Sallie, died of an illness near Meridian, Mississippi.[70] Hindman arrived in San Antonio and settled there with his family for the time being. He was honored by military officials and local residents on January 26, 1865.[71] By May 1865, Confederate generals in New Orleans signed a document with Union generals detailing the Confederate terms of surrender.[72] Hindman refused to surrender and, along with many other ex-Confederates, he crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico and sought asylum.[73]

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Hindman's position was well selected
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