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 In an effort to help the inhabitants

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In an effort to help the inhabitants Empty
PostSubject: In an effort to help the inhabitants   In an effort to help the inhabitants Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 1:48 pm

The earthquake considerably impacted a number of cities: it destroyed Guano, Patate, Pelileo, Pillaro, and one-third of Ambato.[1] The city of Ambato was a "scene of anguish and pain" described by "scores of little funerals winding their way through the debris".[14] The brand-new hospital had been reduced to four walls, and most of the buildings in town were demolished.[14] In Pelileo, relief workers found victims feeding buried people through holes in the ground. In the days following the earthquakes, aftershocks occurred and torrential rains ensued.[15]

In an effort to help the inhabitants, a festival of fruit and flowers was held on 29 June 1950. The festival was a success and became an annual event that is celebrated each February[nb 1] and is now an important tourist attraction.[16][17] Ambato was completely rebuilt after the earthquake. The city's main church, the Iglesia Matriz de Ambato, was replaced by a new cathedral, known as Iglesia La Catedral, that was built large enough to sufficiently stand out from its urban surroundings.[18] Pelileo was rebuilt on a new site about 2 km (1.2 mi) from its previous location.[19]
[edit] Current situation

Today, Ambato's population is about 217,000, and it is frequently visited by tourists traveling on the Pan-American Highway. The city is well-known for its extensive market, which sells a wide array of items including local delicacies and flowers, and for its quintas – old estates that serve as historic parks – some of which pre-date the earthquake.[20]

Ecuador is still at risk from earthquakes. There exists the possibility of both intraplate (such as those in March 1987) and interplate earthquakes. Intraplate seismicity poses a more formidable threat, as it can be much more powerful than interplate seismicity and is usually associated with landslides, subsidence, and even soil liquefaction.[2]

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In an effort to help the inhabitants
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