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 west of Tampa

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PostSubject: west of Tampa   west of Tampa Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 9:20 am

Hurricane Easy developed on September 1 from a trough in the western Caribbean, which persisted after Hurricane Baker moved through the region in late August. Moving northeastward, the hurricane crossed Cuba on September 3 and entered the Gulf of Mexico. Easy turned to the northwest and strengthened to its peak intensity, attaining sustained winds of 125 mph (205 km/h). At the time, Easy was located just off the west coast of Florida; however, a ridge to its north caused the hurricane to stall, execute a small loop, and make landfall near Cedar Key. Following the landfall, Easy moved offshore, turned to the southeast, and made a second landfall west of Tampa on September 6. The hurricane turned northwestward over the Florida Peninsula, and gradually weakened as it moved into Georgia and the southeastern United States. On September 9, Easy dissipated over northeastern Arkansas.[3][6]

Damage in Cuba was minor, although large portions of western Florida experienced hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall.[3] Yankeetown reported 38.70 in (983 mm) of precipitation in 24 hours, which was, at the time, the largest 24-hour rainfall total on record in the United States.[22] The cumulative total rainfall on Yankeetown from Easy was 45.20 in (1,148 mm), which still retains the record for the wettest tropical cyclone in Florida.[23] Damage was heaviest in Cedar Key, where half of the houses were destroyed and most of the remaining were damaged. The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region. Across the state, Easy caused $3 million in damage (1950 USD, $27.4 million 2011 USD); the total was less than expected, due to the sparse population of the affected area. Additionally, the hurricane was indirectly responsible for two deaths due to electrocutions. At the time, Easy was also known as the "Cedar Keys Hurricane".[3]

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west of Tampa
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