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 The world's first commercial

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The world's first commercial  Empty
PostSubject: The world's first commercial    The world's first commercial  Icon_minitimeThu Jul 14, 2011 1:26 pm

The world's first commercial motion picture exhibition was given in New York City in 1894, using Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope. The next year saw the first commercial screening of a projected film, also in New York, and the United States was in the forefront of sound film's development in the following decades. Since the early 20th century, the U.S. film industry has largely been based in and around Hollywood, California. Director D. W. Griffith was central to the development of film grammar and Orson Welles's Citizen Kane (1941) is frequently cited as the greatest film of all time.[204] American screen actors like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe have become iconic figures, while producer/entrepreneur Walt Disney was a leader in both animated film and movie merchandising, with the famous Mickey Mouse character. The major film studios of Hollywood have produced the most commercially successful movies in history, such as the Harry Potter series and Avatar, and the products of Hollywood today dominate the global film industry.[205]Corporate Entertainment
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The world's first commercial
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