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 the morning on Friday,

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the morning on Friday, Empty
PostSubject: the morning on Friday,   the morning on Friday, Icon_minitimeMon Jul 18, 2011 11:42 am

Various pieces of aircraft debris were found within the wreckage at the Pentagon. While on fire himself, and escaping from the Navy Command Center, Lt. Kevin Shaeffer observed a chunk of the aircraft's nose cone and the nose landing gear in the service road between rings B and C.[66] Early in the morning on Friday, September 14, Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue Team members Carlton Burkhammer and Brian Moravitz came across an "intact seat from the plane's cockpit",[67] while paramedics and firefighters located the two black boxes near the punch out hole in the A-E drive,[68] nearly 300 feet (91 m) into the building.[38] The cockpit voice recorder was too badly damaged and charred to retrieve any information,[69] though the flight data recorder yielded useful information.[34] Investigators also found a part of Nawaf al-Hazmi's driver's license in the North Parking Lot rubble pile.[70] Personal effects belonging to victims were also found, and taken to Fort Myer.[71]
[edit] Remains
Diagram of body fragments found in the Pentagon.

Army engineers determined by 17:30 on the first day that no one remained alive in the damaged section of the building.[72] In the days after the crash, news reports emerged that up to 800 people had died.[73] Army troops from Fort Belvoir were the first teams to survey the interior of the crash site and noted the presence of human remains.[
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the morning on Friday,
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