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 the Larrousse team mistakenly

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the Larrousse team mistakenly Empty
PostSubject: the Larrousse team mistakenly   the Larrousse team mistakenly Icon_minitimeSun Aug 07, 2011 1:30 pm

At the start of the race, J.J. Lehto stalled his Benetton on the grid. Pedro Lamy, starting from further back on the grid, had his view of the stationary Benetton blocked by other cars and hit the back of Lehto's car, causing bodywork and tyres to fly into the air. Parts of the car went over the safety fencing designed to protect spectators at the startline causing minor injuries to nine people.[8] The incident caused the safety car to be deployed, with all the remaining competitors holding position behind it while travelling at a reduced speed. During this period, as a result of travelling at slower speeds, tyre temperatures dropped. At the drivers' briefing before the race, Senna, along with Gerhard Berger, had expressed concern that the safety car (itself only reintroduced in F1 in 1993) did not go fast enough to keep tyre temperatures high.[8] Once the track was reported clear of debris, the safety car was withdrawn and the race restarted with a rolling start. On the second lap after the restart, with Ayrton Senna leading Michael Schumacher, Senna's car left the road at the Tamburello corner, and after slowing from 190 mph (306 km/h) to 131 mph (211 km/h), hit the concrete wall.
Tamburello corner, the location of Senna's crash.
Senna's Williams hits the wall at Tamburello.

At 2:17 p.m. local time, a red flag was shown to indicate the race was stopped and Sid Watkins arrived at the scene to treat Senna. When a race is stopped under a red flag cars must slow down and make their way back to the pit lane or starting grid until further notice. This protects race marshals and medical staff at the crash scene, and allows easier access for medical cars to the incident. Approximately 10 minutes after Senna's crash, the Larrousse team mistakenly[9] allowed one of their drivers, √Črik Comas, to leave the pits despite the circuit being closed under red flags

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the Larrousse team mistakenly
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