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 Bishop of Bayeux

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PostSubject: Bishop of Bayeux   Bishop of Bayeux Icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 7:42 am

St-Calais was a Norman, and a native of Bayeux;[1] he may have been a member of one of its clerical dynasties.[2] His mother's name, Ascelina or Anselma, is given in Durham's records; his father, whose name is unknown, became a monk at the monastery of Saint-Calais in Maine, and may previously have been a knight.[3] Although St-Calais is generally referred to as Saint Calais or St-Calais, the main source of information about his life, the monastic chronicle of Symeon of Durham, does not call him such.[4]

St-Calais studied under Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, the half-brother of the future William I of England, who was then Duke of Normandy.[5] Other bishops educated at Bayeux around this time included Archbishop Thomas of York and Samson, Bishop of Worcester.[6] Symeon of Durham considered St-Calais to be well-educated in classical literature and the scriptures; at some point St-Calais also acquired a knowledge of canon law.

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Bishop of Bayeux
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