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 The first day of the festival

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The first day of the festival  Empty
PostSubject: The first day of the festival    The first day of the festival  Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:14 am

Each day's program opened and closed with the singing of Aarti, called an "ancient devotional song of praise to the Perfect Master".[4] According to reports before the festival, its three themes were to be "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji", "Guru Maharaj Ji is Here", and "The Messiah Has Come", though the official schedule in November had a different list.[25][74]

Maharaj Ji watched the proceedings on closed-circuit television in his suite,[21] and sent his bodyguard down with a can of pink foam confetti to spray the crowd on his behalf, reported as an example of lila, or divine play.[3] In addition to the main program, mahatmas were conducting initiations into Knowledge at local ashrams, and the guru and his family were offering darshan, or holy presence, to initiates.[75]

Day 1 – "What is a Perfect Master?"

The first day of the festival was Thursday, November 8, 1973. The program listed the topic of the day as "What is a Perfect Master?"[4] It started at noon with an oratorio composed for the occasion by Erika Anderson.[4] Rennie Davis opened the program by telling the audience that, "All I can say is, honestly, very soon now, every single human being will know the one who was waited for by every religion of all times has actually come

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The first day of the festival
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