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 The conference

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PostSubject: The conference   The conference Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:29 am

Question: Are you the messiah?
Answer: Please do not presume that. I am a humble servant of God, trying to establish peace in the world.[3][41][102]
Q: Why is there such a great contradiction between what you say about yourself and what your followers say about you?
A: Well, why don't you do me a favor ... why don't you go to the devotees and ask their explanation about it?[3][15][32]
Q: It's hard for some people to understand how you personally can live so luxuriously in your several homes and your Rolls-Royces
A: That life that you call luxurious ain't luxurious at all, because if any other person gets the same life I get, he's gonna blow apart in a million pieces in a split of a second. ... People have made Rolls-Royce a heck of a car, only it's a piece of tin with a V8 engine which probably a Chevelle Concourse has.[3][15][32][102]
Q: Why don't you sell it and give food to people?
A: What good would it do. All that's gonna happen is they will need more and I don't have other Rolls-Royces. I will sell everything and I'll walk and still they will be hungry.[3][15][51][52][102]
Q: Guru, what happened to the reporter in Detroit who was badly beaten by your followers? [Following the question, Maharaj Ji's press aide tried to change the subject, accusing the questioner of hogging the floor.][3][32][103]
A: I think you ought to find out what happened to everything.[3][19][32]

The conference, which lasted nearly an hour,[104] ended shortly after descending into a shambles when reporters pressed for information about the Detroit incident, in which a reporter who had thrown a pie at Maharaj Ji a few months prior was subsequently beaten by two DLM members.[23][32] As of 1976, it was Maharaj Ji's last press conference.[105]

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The conference
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