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 movement being split

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PostSubject: movement being split    movement being split  Icon_minitimeFri Nov 18, 2011 10:38 am

Thomas Pilarzyk described the festival as the "most important development" in the American movement's history.[47] James V. Downton opined that the movement ultimately failed in achieving its millennial dream of world peace.[131] The failure to meet expectations, along with the debt and bad press, led to significant changes in the movement.[132]

Scholars describe 1973 as the peak year of the movement,[133][134] or mention a significant drop in new followers.[135] However, Roger E. Olson wrote that "the movement continued to attract large numbers of mainly counterculture followers" despite the disappointments.[50] The financial crisis required retrenchment and reorganization.[47][122][136] After the festival, Maharaj Ji began taking greater responsibility in the movement; he took administrative control of the DLM's US branch within a month of turning 16.[12] The following year he got married and became an emancipated minor. Disagreements between Maharaj Ji and his family led to the movement being split between a Western branch, led by Maharaj Ji, and an Indian branch, run by his mother and Bal Bhagwan Ji.[137]

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movement being split
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