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 Movie - Screenshot > Fanart

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PostSubject: Movie - Screenshot > Fanart   Movie - Screenshot > Fanart Icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 5:25 pm


Would it be possible or beneficial to others (would for me) to add an option to be able to capture a screen shot from a movie and save it as -fanart.jpg as you can do for TV shows/Screenshot. How about a button that would capture several shots and let you choose from thumbs which one to use.

Thanks again for all your efforts with MC!
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Movie - Screenshot > Fanart Empty
PostSubject: Re: Movie - Screenshot > Fanart   Movie - Screenshot > Fanart Icon_minitimeSun Dec 27, 2009 11:51 pm

I currently do this by using an mpg editor and doing a frame capture, but it would be a nice addition to MC.

On a related note, I frequently find that there are posters of the appropriate format for fanart, but currently have to save them as .tbn, rename to moviename-fanart.jpg and then go back and get a new poster. Would it be hard to put a "Save as fanart" button on the poster screen?
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Movie - Screenshot > Fanart
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