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 3.400 - Incorrect Aspect Ratio Tags

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PostSubject: 3.400 - Incorrect Aspect Ratio Tags   Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:32 pm

Most of my media tags seem to be added correctly to my movie .nfo files, with the exception of the <aspect> tag for files that have been encoded anamorphically. In this case, the correct display aspect ratio is shown on the File Details tab in Media Companion, but the aspect ratio written to the .nfo file is simply the ratio of horizontal to vertical pixels. Since the anamorphic video is stretched somewhat significantly in the horizontal direction upon playback, this results in an incorrect aspect ratio being shown in XBMC.

Ex: 2.35:1 widescreen video encoded anamorphically at 720x352 pixels shows <aspect> = 720/352 = 2.045

Can this be fixed? Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: 3.400 - Incorrect Aspect Ratio Tags   Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:54 am


There does indeed seem to be a problem in the way the Aspect Ratio is calculated. I have a number of widescreen files that, for example, have a size of 720 pixels (width) by 576 pixels (height).

The Aspect Ratio has simply been calculated by the formula 720/576 which gives 1.25, indicating a 4:3 format !! This is what is shown in the NFO file.

When I view the details in the very useful MediaInfo tool, it also shows the same width/height properties, but more importantly it does have a property called "Display Aspect Ratio" which correctly shows 16/9 (or 2.35 depending on the widescreen format).

It would seem Media Companion needs to retrieve this porperty from the file rather than just dividing the pixels as it currently does.

I'm going to attempt to write a utility (using the MediaInfo.dll file) that extract the correct information and updates the NFO file. Would be great if Media Companion can do this automatcally though.

If I have any luck, I'll post back but don't hold your breath !!
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3.400 - Incorrect Aspect Ratio Tags
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