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 Folders of TV Show disappear fron configuration

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Folders of TV Show disappear fron configuration Empty
PostSubject: Folders of TV Show disappear fron configuration   Folders of TV Show disappear fron configuration Icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2009 3:59 am

v2.292. I have some folders in "TV Show Folders". I press "Add root folder". I select a folder with lots of TV Shows folders in it. They appear in the "TV Shows folders" listing. I press "save changes and exit". MC shows a "please wait" window. I press againg "preferences", and all the added folders have disappeared from the configuration.

There is no error message shown anywhere. I do not know what criteria MC uses to sort the folders, but seems to be always the same order, so repeating everything, I can see which is the first quietly unaccepted folder, and, alas!, the tvshow.nfo file has been somehow corrupted. I delete it, repeat averything and now the folder "sticks", but still the folder list gets cut at another point when saving... repeat all once more and I can see which one is the folder that gets rejected, delete tvshow.nfo and start over... That way I could locate and delete all offending files, but it took me more than one hour (I have lots of folders)

Could you make MC present an error when it finds an invalid tvshow.nfo file, telling the user about it instead of quietly rejecting it and all subsequent folders? and maybe sorting alphabetically the newly added folders, so it is easier to the user to spot a missing one or select one that should not be explored.

BTW: could it be possible to change the folder selection dialog to one where you can paste from clipboard? it would be so much easier then to add new folders... (I have the "copy path to clipboard" file explorer shell extension). Or at least start in "c:\" and not in "c:\program files\media companion", that forces you to start scrolling up to C:\, closing the tree, look for the Z:\ drive and expand tree, look for "movies" and expand tree, look for "series" and expand tree, etc. Even better would be to start in any previously selected folder.

Also, to determine which "tvshow.nfo" files do not exist, you must either go one tv show by one in MC or look for them in error.log and then select them one by one in MC and press "Editor"... Is there a way to automatically select all tv shows with missing info?

I've noticed that when creating a new tvshow.nfo file, it also overwrites previous folder.jpg etc. from the directory. Not a big deal but sometimes the default banner from tvdb is incorrect (i.e., the default banner for english language "the mentalist" is in spanish)

Of course, all that would be very nice modifications, even without them I really appreciate and thank you for your fine work, is a great and very useful program.
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Folders of TV Show disappear fron configuration
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