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 Easy way to initally scrap

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Easy way to initally scrap Empty
PostSubject: Easy way to initally scrap   Easy way to initally scrap Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 4:14 pm


First off awsome software its a big help Smile

Most people that come to use this software are prolly initally setting up there media folders

Im suggesting a wizard of some sort when u add a ROOT folder that shows all the subfolders and lets you select each series from a drop down box of suggestions with a manual button beside to search

Then it can do ALL the scrapping at once afterwards. Im trying to add 100~ anime series atm, tvdb has barly picked up 1/2 of the names correctly. So i have to manually select each then randomly keep checking it every few min... waiting... waiting....waiting...waiting... OK next series... waiting ...waiting... you get the idea

I have dailup so its a biger issue for me then some, but wouldnt it make more sence to select then all once, then do all the scrapping at once.... then u can walk away and its all done afew hrs later?
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Easy way to initally scrap
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