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 file names in sort list?

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file names in sort list? Empty
PostSubject: file names in sort list?   file names in sort list? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 5:54 pm

Thanks for this great soft:D

I have little question, how to force MC to use file name as movie title in .nfo for XBMC and way of sorting instead of actual title form IMDB?
I hate "the" in movie list in XBMC, and sometimes I prefer polish titles instead of original english - and I want to see polish titles on the list in XBMC. I know, that I can manually edit .nfos, but it's waste of time:D

thanks in advence for reply.
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file names in sort list? Empty
PostSubject: Re: file names in sort list?   file names in sort list? Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 4:14 am

You could enable the use folder names in the Movies preferences......then you would have to create your folders as per the names you desire.

The issue with this however is it is these names that MC uses to try & identify the movie on IMDB. If that doesn't match then no movie will be found.

Also you may notice that on some movies when you press on the down arrow next to the name, several alternate names appear. Once selected & saved these will be used by XBMC.

You can also type your own name in here & save. It will also go into the nfo file.

With regards to the "the"'s in XBMC, there is a setting in Settings/Appearance/File Lists that allows you to sort without taking into account of the "The"'s.

If this is insufficient, your can change the text in MC under "Sort". The text in here overides the title text when sorting. Your title will still be listed but it will be sorted by the sorted text.

I hope this helps...

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file names in sort list?
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