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 wrong runtime for 2+cd movies

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wrong runtime for 2+cd movies Empty
PostSubject: wrong runtime for 2+cd movies   wrong runtime for 2+cd movies Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 7:00 am

I have seen numerous bug reports for incorrect runtimes, but none precisely identify my/the problem.

Using v3.400.
Error occurs when I select "Search for new movies."
Movies of one file only work normally, yielding proper runtime.
Movies of 2 or more files (cds) produce ridiculously high runtimes, of at least 4 digits, many times more.
When each individual movie of 2 or more files (cds) is rescraped via "Rescrape Movie" or R click, "Rescrape Specific > Runtime > From IMDB," the proper runtime values are returned.

For me, this is a very highly annoying and time consuming bug.

Regardless, MC does almost exactly what I want it to, and for me is essential. Thank you.


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wrong runtime for 2+cd movies
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