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 TVDB ID as default

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TVDB ID as default Empty
PostSubject: TVDB ID as default   TVDB ID as default Icon_minitimeWed Oct 20, 2010 9:44 pm

not really sure if this should be considered a feature request a bug or a none event so I'll put it here to split the difference.

In mc at the moment when scanning videos it creates to id tags for the shows <id>imdbid</id> & <tvdbid>tvdbid</tvdbid> and must say I've never had any problems importing shows to xbmc.

I'm using sickbeard for getting shows now which is awsome but it creates shows using only <id>tvdbid</id> which according to the xbmc wiki appears to be the "correct" method.

Whilst I'm using sickbeard for getting shows I'd still like to prefer to keep using mc to manage my shows as I have loved the app and is great for keeping an eye on shows and easily updating artwork, meta data etc. however at the moment I can't use the shows in both as it does not store the relevent id in the same location.

I've started a thread on the xbmc to try and get a dev to clarify exactly how it should be for xbmc but wondering if there is any way one of the following solutions can be implemented.
1. mc can be changed to use tvdb for <id>
2. make it selectable which id will be the default used in <id>
3. mc can fallback to look for tvdbid in <id> if no <tvdbid> found
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TVDB ID as default
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