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 Urse built a castle

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Urse built a castle  Empty
PostSubject: Urse built a castle    Urse built a castle  Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 4:49 pm

Urse d'Abetot (sometimes Urse of Abetot;[2], Urse de Abetot,[3] Urse d'Abitot[4] or Urse of Abitôt[5]) (circa 1040 – 1108) was a Norman as well as a medieval Sheriff of Worcester and royal official under Kings William I, William II and Henry I. A native of Normandy, he came to England shortly after the Norman Conquest of England, and was appointed sheriff in about 1069. Little is known of his family in Normandy, who were not prominent. Although Urse's lord in Normandy was present at the Battle of Hastings, there is no evidence that Urse took part in the invasion of England in 1066.

Urse built a castle in the town of Worcester, which encroached on the cathedral cemetery there, earning him a curse from the Archbishop of York. Urse helped to put down a rebellion against King William I in 1075, and quarrelled with the Church in his county over the jurisidiction of the sheriffs. He continued in the service of William's sons after the king's death, and was appointed constable under William II and marshal under Henry. Urse was known for his acquisitiveness, and during William II's reign was considered second only to Ranulf Flambard, another royal official, in his rapacity. Urse's son succeeded him as sheriff but was subsequently exiled, thus forfeiting the office. Through his daughter, Urse is an ancestor of the Beauchamp family, who eventually became Earls of Warwick.

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Urse built a castle
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