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 caused several billion dollars

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PostSubject: caused several billion dollars    caused several billion dollars  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 4:18 pm

Hurricane Felix made landfall just south of the border between Nicaragua and Honduras, in a region historically known as the Mosquito Coast, as a Category 5 hurricane with 160 mph (260 km/h) winds on September 4.[18] Residents of the region were reported to have been given little warning of the oncoming hurricane, which left many fisherman stranded at sea.[36] In all, Felix killed at least 130 people,[18] and damage in Nicaragua totaled C$869.3 million (2007 NIO; $46.7 million 2007 USD, $49.5 thousand 2011 USD).[17] In Mexico, Hurricane Dean made landfall on the Yucat√°n Peninsula on August 21 as a Category 5 hurricane.[37] Throughout its track, Dean killed 44 people[38] and caused several billion dollars in damage.[14][39][40][41][42] Hurricane Lorenzo struck central Mexico to the south-southwest of Tuxpan as a Category 1 hurricane, causing an estimated $1 billion (2007 MXN; $92 million 2007 USD, $97.5 million 2011 USD) in damage.[43] Lorenzo caused six deaths in Tuxpan and destroyed 169 houses in Puebla.[25]
Tropical Storm Barry making landfall on Florida

During the season, five Atlantic storms affected the United States. However, these storms were relatively weak; three tropical depressions and one tropical storm and hurricane made landfall in the country, with their names being Gabrielle and Humberto. Subtropical Storm Andrea meandered off the Southeastern coast, producing 34 ft (10 m) waves on the coast of South Carolina.[44][45] Almost a month later, Tropical Storm Barry struck the state of Florida. The rainfall resulted in slick roads, which caused two traffic-related deaths, and a woman was killed after being injured by rough surf

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caused several billion dollars
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