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 predicted great and marvelous

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PostSubject: predicted great and marvelous   predicted great and marvelous Icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2011 10:45 am

Nostradamus's reliance on historical precedent is reflected in the fact that he explicitly rejected the label prophet (i.e. a person having prophetic powers of his own) on several occasions:[3][7]

Although, my son, I have used the word prophet, I would not attribute to myself a title of such lofty sublimity – Preface to César, 1555 (see caption to illustration above)[22]

Not that I would attribute to myself either the name or the role of a prophet – Preface to César, 1555[22]

[S]ome of [the prophets] predicted great and marvelous things to come: [though] for me, I in no way attribute to myself such a title here. – Letter to King Henri II, 1558[23]

I do but make bold to predict (not that I guarantee the slightest thing at all), thanks to my researches and the consideration of what judicial Astrology promises me and sometimes gives me to know, principally in the form of warnings, so that folk may know that with which the celestial stars do threaten them. Not that I am foolish enough to pretend to be a prophet. – Open letter to Privy Councillor (later Chancellor) Birague, 15 June 1566[3]

His rejection of the title prophet is consistent with the fact[3] that he entitled his book

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predicted great and marvelous
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