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 New Release Media Companion gen2 3.039

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New Release Media Companion gen2 3.039 Empty
PostSubject: New Release Media Companion gen2 3.039   New Release Media Companion gen2 3.039 Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 1:12 am

Changes for version 3.039

  • Bugfix - Creation of thumbnail url list from IMPA on some movies would cause Media Scraper to skip current movie, would also cause exception when changing movie
  • Bugfix - Titles names starting "The", listed as "Movietitle, The" would not stick after editing
  • Bugfix - Editing a movie from the edit screen would not reload the movie on the main screen on exit
  • Bugfix - (Needs Testing) If a nfo existed containing an IMDB ID then all following movies would scrape this same movie
  • Bugfix - Change Movie browser would sometimes hang
  • Updated - Sort by date now works 100% in all modes, system changed from creation date, to file modified date, if an nfo file is changed in any way it will now go to the top of the list.
  • Cosmetic - Redundant "Rebuild Movies" removed from tools menu
  • Cosmetic - Fanart & Poster Buttons swapped around to match location on main screen

Download Version 3.039

Just overwrite the previous version, the config will remain compatable.

Many thanks to everyone for the bug reports, keep them coming (Not to many though Smile)

Coming soon
Batch wizard - rescrape or update all movies by the selected tags.

This thread has been locked, please use the appropriate forums for discussion, bug reports, advice etc

Do you have a problem with Media Companion, before posting a bug then please check you have the very latest version of Media Companion
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New Release Media Companion gen2 3.039
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