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 Things To Do

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PostSubject: Things To Do   Things To Do Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 11:35 pm

These are listed as i've added them and does not represent the order in which I will work on each item.

To do list
'01 Re-write TV-Show handler to allow inclusion of multiple TV Show folders from a root folder.
'02 Allow shows without TVDB ID to be added with limited functionality, namely browsing and editing but no scraping. (mainly for TV shows exported with the DB Export program)
'03 Movie fanart selection editor
'04 Movie and TV Show file rename
'05 Support for Audio catagory (albums, music videos etc)
'06 Support for Home movies Catagory.
'07 Re-write recursive folder scan to allow for addition of Drive Root
'08 Add TV Show regex to config to allow for custom regex
'09 Quick rescrape for votes and rating
'10 Allow for storing of additional local thumbs (actor thumbs)
'11 Exclude folders for new scan (Speed things by avoiding scanning a Folder when it is full and complete)Obsolete, full parse now takes seconds
'12 Add Support for rar files'13 Add support for impaawards poster scraper
'14 Add support for multi threading to allow for scraping while browsing etc
'15 Add support so multi-part TV Epsiodes can be handled (Waiting on XBMC to support this aswell)
'16 Add support for Mediainfo(Return details about file, audio, and video details)
'17 HTML output for movie lists
'18 Allow the output of a single videodb.xml for super fast import of library directly into XBMC
'19 Proxy support
'20 Alter fanart of multipart movies to be compatable with XBMC
'21 Create a scraper parser that will allow use of XBMC scrapers within the program
'22 Scan existing non xml nfo files for IMDB ID when scanning
'23 Add progress bar to trailer download feature
'24 Identify newest added movies
'25 Add the ability to lock created nfo's and filter locked and unlocked nfo's
'26 Create a language setting that would allow Poster grabbed from movieposterdb to be correct language
'27 Allow for rescrape of a any ammount of tags for individual or all nfo files
'28 Allow the ability to create groups of movies and increase options for sorting
'29 Enforce output of nfo's as UTF-8
'30 Add support for image formats other than jpeg
'31 Add tvshow thumb preference for posters or banners
'32 Add individual tv show support for DVD or Default sort order on TVDB
'33 Inclusion of an SQL database (Speed up operation. Would make nfo files optional for people who dont have XBMC)
'34 Add option to resize fanart to 960X540 or 1280x720
'35 Add scheduled scan and/or folder monitor feature

That doesn't include bug fixes, and is by no means everything I intend, but it will take me a long way towards what I want for Media Companion.

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Things To Do
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